Former President's Greeting (April 23, 2011)


Greetings!  I am President Lih-Juann Chen of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), and I would like to welcome all of you to the NTHU Memory Net, which was developed jointly by NTHU and Professor Ching-chih Chen’s Research and Development Group. 

Tsing Hua University was established in Beijing in 1911.  When the Nationalist Government moved to Taiwan in 1956, the University was reestablished in Hsinchu, so this year, 2011, she completes 100 years, the same age as the country.  Due to the leadership of all of her presidents, her faculty and students have continuously worked diligently in their teaching and research and have enabled us to become a world-class university.

To celebrate Tsing Hua’s Centennial Anniversary, we are very fortunate to collaborate with the world-class leading expert in multimedia communication, Professor Ching-chih Chen. She is also the wife of Academician Sow-Hsin Chen, one of our first graduates (1958) class of Institute of Nuclear Science, and the Honorary Chair Professor of the College of Nuclear Science. Thus, she has a very strong and long-lasting relationship with this University.

NTHU Memory Net uses contents selected, created and edited by the National Tsing Hua University Library Staff.  These invaluable data and resources were further digitally reorganized, managed, and integrated by Professor Ching-chih Chen’s group using the world class digital platform and technology which her group developed.  Heavily using the multimedia formats on the global network, National Tsing Hua University’s important and historical individuals, events, and objects, as well as information and activities related to the Centennial Celebration are presented to our alumni and to all the people in the world, enabling them to have a better understanding of NTHU’s development and the rich results of its education, training, academic research, and international exchanges.

NTHU Memory Net’s cutting edge multimedia technology utilizes an interactive knowledge-based system with large scale image and video integration.  This enables users to search and navigate all the information related to Tsing Hua using simple, speedy, direct visualization, so that they can gain a richer understanding and impression of the University.  NTHU Memory Net has extremely rich content.  It introduces all the University Presidents from the beginning, Honorary Alumni, and all Honorary Awards recipients.  It also includes the University’s important sites and buildings, the important Centennial activities, publications, souvenirs, the University’s globally distributed Sister Universities, the countries where our international students are coming from, and selected university archival pictures and videos.  NTHU Memory Net allows one to navigate and browse its Chinese content, and it also provides some English contents whenever possible in order to make it convenient for our international friends to utilize the site and to gain a better understanding of  Tsing  Hua.

The structure of NTHU Memory Net is so user friendly, that it allows us to not only look back to the glorious history of the University, and also to look ahead to the bright future.  With this potential, it encourages us to work together diligently to continue to develop National Tsing Hua University as a top academic institution in the world, with the mission to cultivate future generations of experts,  to further its standing as a major scientific and technical site for creating innovation, and to promote better social advancement.

We welcome all of you to visit the NTHU Memory Net site and to navigate the glories of the 100 year old Tsing Hua, and we hope all of you will continue to give us your support and recommendation.  Thank you all.